Marc Chouinard

Marc is an executive coach, as well as a thought leader and expert, in agile leadership and rapid behavior and culture change.

His core focus is to help leaders and their organizations execute on their strategy in a way that accelerates the realization of their vision and goals, and creates nimble, self-directed and adaptive organizations—to foster innovation, reduce waste, and dramatically increase performance.

Marc has over 20 years of experience designing and leading behavior change initiatives and organizational transformation programs.  He has over 4000 hours of executive coaching experience and has 20 years of applied research in rapid and viral behavior change, bringing together leading-edge approaches from neuroscience, gamification, social change, systems thinking, agile, and many other leading-edge approaches.

The programs he designs and deploys are focused on creating measurable behavior change and results in a matter of weeks, and on driving sustainable changes in complex organizations. He facilitates employee-driven transformation, which stimulates employees’ discretionary efforts and boosts workforce performance.

Marc is the author of the forthcoming book: DESIRE LINES: Tap into Your SUPERPOWERS to Realize Your Goals—Much Faster.