Philippe Leonard

Philippe is an executive, life and team coach and a facilitator in vertical development, personal transformation and organizational changes. He works with people that want to re-connect to who they truly are and what is really meaningful for them, and create a more coherent personal and professional life. He has worked with individuals, teams and organization from 30 different nationalities on 4 continents in many different sectors including automotive, banking, consumer goods, energy, financial services, insurance, ITC, luxury goods, petrochemical.
His areas of expertise are personal coherence, leadership development, emotional intelligence, interpersonal relationship, team efficiency and alignment, culture change and collective intelligence.
Prior to becoming a leadership consultant, Philippe has held several management positions in the IT sector with Toshiba, Adaptec and Arkaos including that of Director of Sales and Marketing, and EMEA Marketing Manager.
He has successfully developed businesses and teams in America, Europe, and Asia.

He is a qualified practitioner in numerous psychometric tools such as Richard Barrett Cultural Transformation Tools, Generative coaching, The Linden Boundary Model, Workplace Big 5, Golden Personality Type, Conflict Dynamics Profile, Life Style Inventory, The Looking Glass Simulation, MPA/Mindsonar, MBTI and Firo-B, Voices, and The Organization Workshop. Philippe is also a Mentor Coach at the ICF (International Coach Federation).