Once upon a time …

there was a group of coaches and facilitators with interest in complex problem solving and in understanding how leadership and organisations really work.

We have known each other for years as colleagues, clients, business partners – in some contexts even as competitors. What holds us together is our passion for responding to the needs of customers who consistently reach out to us around the globe to work with their organizational and leadership issues.
As leadership advisors, we focus deeply on the importance of listening and asking the right questions to have a more comprehensive diagnosis of the real issues.
We develop ‘leadership solutions’ in architecture, design, and interventions together with you and the relevant stakeholders. Every engagement we take on is ‘classical’ and ‘unique’ at the same time. Each of us believes that leadership development is not “one-size-fits-all”.
The fact that we are based in Switzerland, and that our initial customers have been located in the Alps, has lead to the name ‘BergGruen‘.