Paramita Prajna

Paramita is a Senior Executive and Leadership Coach working with the corporate sector, the public sector, NGOs and media persons. For the past 16 years, Paramita has been working with individuals to enhance their leadership development, and with teams and groups in an organizational development context.

Paramita is focused on increasing self-awareness, helping leaders to develop their authentic self as the source of their leadership excellence. Her approach is strengths-based and is founded on positive psychology, emotional intelligence and in neuroscience. Her approach helps leaders to better deal with the constant change and flux in their professional environments.

Being global and cross-cultural through her upbringing, education and career, she has worked on four continents and continues to work globally.

Prior to becoming a Coach, her career encompassed diplomacy, public affairs consulting, strategic and cross-cultural communication.

Paramita sees leadership and life as pluri-dimensional. She brings to her practice a unique blend of the inward gaze of Eastern contemplation, which has for millennia tapped the extraordinary power of the human mind (now being reaffirmed by neuro-scientific findings), and the outward-focused direction of Western pragmatism.